Just got a comment from a viewer that warmed my heart. Thought I’d share <3

***Kristin, I’m sure this has been said a billion times but…. I moved here 4 years ago, loved Alexis, and when you came on board I wasnt happy… but let me say but you are so funny and happy and quick witted that I am very happy you have settled in here and hope you stay around a long time. Fox news would be less enjoyable without you as part of it. Happy 4th !***

My thoughts:

Leaving my fabulous FL work-family was such an emotional disappointment, but maybe Phoenix and I are warming up to each other…. I’m very thankful for that. Sometimes I wish I could give even more of my “real” personality to my viewers, but it’s always so refreshing when my intentions translate on-air.  I wish I could personally tell each and every one of my viewers how much I sincerely appreciate them — whether they like me or not.  Even the lady that says I wear too much makeup.  Or the guy that lets me know every time he disapproves of my outfit. It’s bizarre & powerful how these strangers have such an impact on my daily life… such a blessing to have the responsibility of waking people up in the morning.  I treasure it. And some days when I have no sleep – am exhausted, grumpy, moody (like today), working on holidays or going through an impossible personal struggle… my viewers – these strangers – humble me, and give me the motivation to smile, focus, and dig in to my archives of passion.  Because I truly do love my job with my entire swollen heart.  I’M SO THANKFUL.